Topshop…is it really the top place to shop? To find out I decided to interview myself!

So why do you go topshop? The mannequins, big posters and bright white interiors always seem to pull me in and before I know it I’m rumbling through the racks with coat hangers clanking over my arms. Also I love how it almost feels refreshing when walking in, like I’m in a haven of clothes. 

But isn’t it expensive? Yes! It’s relatively pricey, like $70 for a knit dress and lace dresses for $80 or more, but I feel with this price an assurance of quality should be there…right?

Design wise what do u think? Some are very unique and I love the rare prints topshop uses. The lace materials are always gorgeous. The only let down is sometimes a really nice design is clashed by the print they choose. Like a pair of skorts that fitted me perfectly, however the pattern of the colours were a horrendous grey-zig zag print.  It was a sad day in the world of fashion. But I guess I can leave those skorts for another shopper to daringly roam the streets in. Most of the time the stylish designs are let down by the fabric choice. 

What age group is it for? In my view I think around 14 to 35 years old. I remember looking at my first topshop store when I was in my early teens. 

Do u always buy a lot when u go there? If everytbing was half the price I would come out with a lot more than…usually nothing. With the exception of a black singlet. 

So when’s the best time to shop there? When there’s sales!!! Ofcourse. That’s the best time to buy all these stunning designs for a bargain. Usually almost half the price of the original. There’s rows of racks with tonnes of clothes ready for the fashion savvy to try and buy! I am definitely one of those customers. From memory the heavy discounts are end of season, Boxing Day, New Years and the rare online ones!

How would you sum up Topshop in 3 words? Stylish. Dreaming. Near-top! 


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